I’ve just downloaded Google’s new browser, (   ostensibly to test Blackboard in it, (but also to have a little play). First off, it’s noticeably faster, and as usual with Google, has a nice clean interface. I’m not sure how configurable it is for a lay user like me,  (hey, I’ve only had it 5 minutes!) but as it’s open source, I guess the variety of plug-ins that Firefox users have come to know and love will soon follow. 

As far as Blackboard is concerned… Hmm, I dunno. It seems to work OK – but there’s no text editor tools visible when you upload an item – personally I rarely use those, so that’s not a problem for me (and it may be just a default setting that I haven’t worked out how to turn off as yet. I certainly uploaded an item with a file attached without any problem. 

All the features in WordPress seem to be working fine though, including the “kitchen sink” (wordpress’s own text editor), so the problem may lie within Bb.  Anyhow, I’d better get back to doing some real work…

Hah! And in doing so I caught it out. One of the alleged features of Chrome is that if a process causes a problem in one tab the others should remain unaffected. Well, I tried to download a PDF of JISC’s latest infokit on e-portfolios and guess what? Yep, the whole browser froze. Couldn’t move between tabs or open a new one.  Eventually it claimed that the Adobe plug in was unresponsive. (I could have told it that myself!).

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  1. Julian, Chrome uses the same Webkit renderinng engine as Apple’s Safari so the same problems (or not) that Bb has with Safari will be present in Chrome.

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