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I’m Julian Beckton, based in the Centre for Educational and Research and Development at the University of Lincoln. This blog is a combination of my public research diary, and my work blog. If you want to see my CV and find a bit more about my career click the button above.

I have a professional interest in the development of E-portfolios, so I’m looking at tools like Mahara and Pebble Pad, but I’m also interested in the idea of using WordPress as a personal portfolio. I’ve started to add personalisation to the blog using tools like Lifestream and Social Homes. (Social Homes is a WordPress plug in which I’ve rather cheekily described as my “Web 2.0. portfolio”). When I (or another authorised user) click on the icons, I get a full view of my Google Calendar, Mahara Portfolio, To do list and so on. A guest user, such as a web visitor just gets what I’ve decided to make public. (Or, where that’s not possible, a link to the service I’m using)

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