Well, I finally posted my letters asking for access to the research sites. We’ll see. Unfortunately I have also been struck down with an unpleasant malady which has left me coughing like a volcano on acid (and very painful it is too) and a voice that sounds like a cheese grater being rubbed across a washing machine. And I’ve a splitting headache. So concentration is not my strong point today.

It’s a bit annoying to be truthful. I was supposed to be going to the BBworld 08 conference in Manchester tomorrow, where I might have done some useful networking. But frankly, I’m not fit to drive, and I do not relish the thought of being crammed into an overcrowded train for several hours. (or at least a cramped train – no public transport in the UK provides adequate space for normal sized people). God knows how American tourists get on if they’re really as large as they’re portrayed!  In any case, even if I did get there, I don’t suppose the ensuing Typhoid Mary act would be a huge hit with the other delegates.

But there you are. Another of the frustrations of doctoral research…It’s even difficult trying to read anything at the moment.  I guess I should just go back to bed!

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