The promised podcast!

As I said in my last post, I made the rather rash promised that I’d make the talk available as a podcast. So here it is.


And here’s the transcript of what I said

Yes, I know it’s too long. I suspect the ideal length of an academic podcast is probably about 10 minutes, so my very first podcast has already broken my rules. But than I did promise the organisers of the meeting at which I gave the talk, that I’d cover pretty much everything we did, so that’s my feeble excuse. It is my first podcast and I’d be very interested to hear (or read!) feedback, so please don’t be shy of using the comments form. Below are the links to the web sites I referred to in the podcast, and of course thanks for listening.

CGI flythrough of the school of Architecture

Lincoln Academic Commons

Academic Earth

MIT open courseware

One thought on “The promised podcast!

  1. Thanks for the comments on this post. Unfortunately they were made on the post which actually contained the transcript. I have now posted the transcript on the wiki, and it now opens in a new window. As requested. I’ve also added the time as suggested.

    Now to go and practice my smooooth recording voice.!

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