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Did a ten minute presentation on e-portfolios at our “Improving the Learning Experience event”, and promised to upload the slides to various e-portfolio tools so those who wanted to could follow up by looking at a shared view of my Portfolio. (University of Lincoln staff should just log into blogs.lincoln.ac.uk and send me a friend request) I hadn’t really noticed this before, but when you upload a file to Mahara, there’s no real option to write a reflective statement linked to it as there is in Pebble Pad. That’s something I’d suggest including for the next upgrade, as the ability to include something about why an artefact has been included in a portfolio does seem quite important. Unless I’ve missed something.

4 thoughts on “E-portfolios, Mahara

  1. Hello Julian,

    good idea about a reflexion attachment to a mahara artefact.
    It would be great if you file a feature request for it at the http://mahara.org forum.

    Greetings from the maintainer of the German langpack 😉


  2. a very good workaround is to use blogposts for reflexion. The artefacts is attached and the blogpost could be published in any view you want.

    What do you think about this?


  3. Thanks Heinz. The work around would certainly work, but I was thinking more about encouraging novice users of the e-portfolio to reflect.

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Pebble Pad, (http://www.pebblepad.co.uk) which is widely used in the UK. That system uses a sort of structured form which allows the user to create and/or upload an artefact but always asks the user for a reflective statement about it. (The user doesn’t have to give one, but is always asked to so the concept of reflection is introduced to them.)

  4. Hi Julian.

    I noticed that the reflexion stuff is the most nerving part for my students. Wherefore I agree that they should be “forced” to do it right.

    A simple textbox within Mahara would do the job 😉


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