University Web sites

As the person with responsibilty for managing our department’s web site, I found this post on the EDUSERV blog of considerable interest (Although what WERE they thinking of with the attached slideshow’s colour scheme? I found the bright yellow text on a bright red background decidedly “headacheogenic”!)

To get back to the point though, I do find it very difficult to compromise between the needs of external users and those of internal users. Trying to meet both of these rendered the old site a complete mess, so I’ve now redesigned it with the underlying philosophy that it is essentially an advertisement for the department. (Think a 30 second TV commercial) That doesn’t really meet the needs of internal users though, so ultimately I think we’ll provide a second web site based on a WordPress Blog for Internal users so colleagues can add their own content.

And as a completely irrelevant aside, isn’t it strange that WordPress’s spellchecker didn’t object to “headacheogenic” but did object to “spellchecker”?