Time for a theme change.

For some reason, the Lifestream feature (that’s basically a list of Twitter, Facebook and other web 2.0 feeds)  on the front page seems to have stopped displaying in my current theme.  (Cutline) It works on the other pages though, and it also seems to have blocked out my WordPress Admin links. I suppose I could play about with the plug in but I’m bored with my current theme anyway, so all this is a roundabout way of saying there’s going to be some visual changes around here.   I don’t really imagine there’s an eager mass audience absorbing my RSS feed each morning, but if you are a regular reader, please bear with me.

Private page problem resolved.

Many thanks to Jim Groom at Bavatuesdays for his suggestions in response to my previous post. (Love this job advert by the way!) In fact, with a bit of help from our resident WordPress developer, Alex Bilbie, we’ve managed to get themes compatible with WordPress 3.0 to display private pages through the Menu Builder, which is pretty much what I needed to do. One small gripe remains, which is that casual visitors can still see the private page links in the menu, and the 404 message they get when they click on them isn’t exactly as I would wish, suggesting that “searching might help you find what you’re looking for”.

Er, No it won’t: I want to say “it’s private, and you can’t have it without permission”. Still, I don’t want to change the message for the whole theme, so I guess I’ll put up with it for now. But, still. Thanks to Jim and Alex for their help.